I just tried to order the 7135 over the phone with ALLTEL & with GETCONNECTED....(BOTH OF THEM).
Alltel would not let me purchase the phone without a wireless contract. (can't buy the 'phone only')
Getconnected also would not let me buy the phone without a wireless contract, the saleman asked what service plan I wanted, I told him I wanted to buy the phone only, and he said the Alltel is no longer allowing them to sell the phone only, or sell to people that are in locations that "Alltel doesn't cover".
He asked where I live, I told him Denver,Co. He told me Alltel doesn't have that area so I can't order the "phone only"!!
I informed him that there are 2 Alltel locations in Colorado, but they do not have the phone instock...this is why I was calling in my order.
I ordered it on line through Getconnected and used the location of: Scottsbluff,NEB. (since Alltel has a retail store there).
I edited the billing & shipping address to Denver,Co. & ordered the 'phone-only'! (the service address is still Scottsbluff,NEB.)
I hope this works....
My service it through Verizon, so I hope I can take it to an outlet & have it activated, like some of you have!!!
Has anyone else run into this???

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