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    Question on 7135 memory volatility

    I can't find a clear description of the memory volatility in the 7135 documentation.
    I assume that there is Flash EPROM that holds the basic functions, and then there is the 16Meg of RAM that must hold things like date book and contacts.
    My question is what gets kept if you let the battery run all the way down (or just remove it)? On other cellphones I have owned, the phone contacts and various setup information have survived a 'long power outage', meaning they must have been stored in Flash by the phone. Does the 7135 save anything in FLASH?
    - Setup information unique to the Verizon network?
    - Preferences for PDA and/or Phone?
    - Voice dialing training?
    - Date Book/Contacts/...?
    - Connection settings for EN/QNC?
    - etc, etc, etc...
    I guess I'd like to understand what state the 7135 assumes if it has been without power for a 'long' time. Do any of my personalized settings and preferences survive? I would like to believe that all the phone specific stuff gets automatically stored in the internal FLASH memory, like any other cellphone, and assume that the PALM personalized stuff and apps I have downloaded are mostly lost because they are in RAM
    I am using JBBackup to backup the RAM image to my SD card, so I should be ok there, but again, it would be nice to know what is supposed to happen without having to test it and maybe lose all the hours of setup I have done (and forgotten about)!
    Anyone with a simple explanation here?
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    If it is anything like the 6035, then all of that stuff is in the RAM.
    My wife just let her 6035 run all the way down accidentally and she lost everything. Luckily she had recentally sync'd it so I told her to just cradle it and hit the button. Except for a few settings that needed to be re-set, she was back in great shape.

    But then, that is the 6035. I'm not gonna do that to my 7135 just to find out what happens.
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    im sure the 7135 stores stuff you load onto it in RAm, which is why you have the internal battery. if you let that run down, you will lose everything you have stored on it.

    now if you use one of those jumpin' jack flash programs to store stuf in ROM, then thats a different story. but basic conventional inputting of data will be lost by a dead internal batery...

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    There are 2 memor banks. An 8MB ROM that the Palm OS is stored to with all the built in apps from Palm/Kyocera, then a 16MB RAM for install applications, your data, preferences, etc.

    There is also a special NV chip that stores your programming and carrier info for phone use. In the event of data loss, that phone/carrier data is recovered from the special NV area (could be a spot in the ROM, or seperate small NV chip) back to the RAM.

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    There is supposed to be an internal battery in the 7135 that should last for 45 minutes should you remove or totally discharge the removable battery. This also allows you to swap batteries without losing everything.
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    Thanks to all

    From the replies, I can summarize as follows:
    - 'Core' PDA apps are in nonvolatile ROM (probably FLASH, for
    - All personal data - whether preferences or datebooks or
    speech recognition training are in RAM and after some
    relatively short period of time will disappear if not backed up.
    - A very small amount of data relating to basic phone service
    settings is kept in FLASH on the phone.

    Can someone confirm that if I am doing a RAM image backup
    with JBBackup that I am saving ALL that personal data?

    Thanks again.

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    Maybe this has been covered before, but I couldn't find anything...

    I normally quick-swap batteries when needed; prolly no more than 10-15 seconds without a battery in the phone. Today, I removed the battery in order to record my ESN. The battery was out for about 2 minutes +/-. When I restarted the 7135, everything was gone except for bundled apps. All data and add-ons were gone. Fortunately, a HotSynch restored nearly everything, although I did have to go through both the phone and pda prefs to fix a number of settings.

    I can remember with both my 6035 and I-300 that memory volatility was not so bad. What gives??

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    yes, others have posted this same issue.. i agree with you that the i300 and 6035 had a long internal batery times. i thought that it was a bug.. but maybe not?!

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