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    7135 - I give Up

    So, as with the majority of people on this board i was eagerly anticipating the wonderous 7135 for quite some time now.

    I was excited about,,, the ringers, and,,, the expansion slots, and even the occassional, picture show (rant to be read using a strong bad type mind voice)

    I have come to the conclusion that 2 utlitmatly nessecary cosmic events will never likley align so that i might own one of these darlings - 1. Sprint releases it and 2. cir city carries it. (need to use my warranty plan toa fford it )

    well, i don't believe either will happen. I think the i -500 will likley be out sometime in august (by which time my i300 will be all but hanging on for dear life) My observations are made based upon watching the last 3/4 of a year in this tech/ cell phone mania.

    I still check the board everyday - waiting for the "Suprise, 7135, out on Sprint, go to a store today and pick one up"

    but alas, it will never happen

    Damn you Kyocera, Damn You Sprint, Damn You Samgsung, by the time we enjoy your sweet sweet candy, it will already be stale,

    Goodbye Cruel Cruel Techie World -

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    boy, he really need to learn something from PHE about patience and PHI about surprises. Also PHUM said find a person in Sprint that you can trust and tell him to put ESN onto their database, then just buy from alltel

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    find a person in Sprint that you can trust and tell him to put ESN onto their database
    you can put the 7135's ESN on sprint's database and activate it?

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    And sit back to watch him laugh uncontrollably.
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