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    Oh no, I think my 7135 is broken...Please help!

    OMG, around 4:00 today I recieved "the" package. I was so psyched....I plugged it in at approximately 4:03. I then pulled out the stylus and played around for about a minute or so....put the stylus back, and went and read the owners manual to try to occupy my time while it was charging. I came back to the phone a little while later, and it was charged...still plugged in, i pulled out the stylus again, and starting the digitizer program...after finishing the 1st half of the program; it started to ask about the graffiti pad...i went to go tap it, and it won't respond...at all. NOTHING!!!

    Oh man.

    So i called Kyocera, performed a few soft and hard resets, and nothing. Also, I don't know if this is common, but the top half is extremely sensitive...i mean, when i go to close or open the flip (and yes i'm doing it gently), the screen beeps at me because i'm supposedly "tapping" it with the stylus.

    Maybe I got a busted phone, I don't know. Man o man, i was so hoping to play with my new toy tonight...

    If anyone has any insight into this, please resond.


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    That's a total bummer. I hate to say it, but it does sound like there's a problem with the hardware.

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    Does it still have the factory screen protector-like plastic on it? If so is the plastic wedged between the phone casing and the LCD? If it is then any flexing in the case (closing the flip) would transfer through the plastic to the digitizer.

    This is just an idea, as I haven't seen one up close with the shiping plastic on it to confirm or deny if the plastic would interfere with the screens.

    Good luck
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    Thanks for the help guys....

    I removed the screen protector as soon as it was done charging. I have determined that the bottom left corner of the color screen is indented somehow, so it thinks it's being pressed constantly. For instance, when I go to the palm side of the phone, it immediately selects the bottom left program in the window, and then opens it...and in my case it is the fax/ modem.

    I talked to a kyocera rep, and they were very nice. They said since it was less than 5 days after recieving the phone, contact getconnected. I did, and as soon as they recieve the defective phone, they are overnighting me a new one. The two people I spoke to there were very nice, and did not make any of this more a hassle than it already is. Kudos to getconnected support!


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