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    Getting rid of synced software on Kyo 7135

    I searched the boards and could not find the answer to this issue:

    Last night I received my VERIZON Kyocera 7135 from getconnected.com. It is sweet! Anyway, I installed the Palm software on my Mac (OS X) and decided to test out a few different launchers to see which I liked best. So I download ZLauncher, Launcher X, and Megalauncher and sync them with the 7135. After testing each one out, I decide that I like ZLauncher the best and manually delete the other two via the fiel manager on the 7135.

    Later that evening, I try to sync my 7135 to install datebk5 . No problem adding Datebk5, but lo and behold, I notice that after syncing, noth Launcher X and Megalauncher have mysteriously returned.

    Anybody have any idea why this is happening? Is there a way to remove these programs for good?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Delete them from the phone again, then go into the "Backup" folder in your Palm directory and delete them from there, too, *before* you hotsync again. Then you should be able to sync without them coming back. There is probably a slicker way to do it, but this is short and sweet and should work.
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    Desktop 4.x for the PC handles this correctly, but I don't think the Mac versions do.

    On Desktop 4.x, when you delete an app from the handheld, the app is moved from the Backup folder to the Archive folder on the desktop, preventing it from returning when you reload the handheld.

    For some reason, this functionality hasn't moved over to the Mac desktops.


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    Re: Getting rid of synced software on Kyo 7135

    Originally posted by emeyer88
    , I decide that I like ZLauncher the best and manually delete the other two via the fiel manager on the 7135.

    I wonder about using the file manager versus the "delete" option in the Palm launcher. I had a similiar problem a while back with an older verison of Filez (a third-party file manager) -- I'm not sure if the Palm File Manager treats the files the differently then the actual "delete" app does but its an idea... good luck.
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