Because it's sunday and I'm taking the time to move a sprint phone over to verizon, I want to confirm something before I hit the point of no return.

I bought the 7135 with one year contract with verizon. I choose the America's Choice plan.

Has anyone inquired about modifying the plan to add a second phone?
Looking at the numbers all it would be is an additional $20, setting up to share the minutes, and giving 200 m2m minutes to the second phone.

The reason I'm doubting this is that the general terms mention that...
service must be maintained on the purchased plan for a min of 180 days... cut... if service is canceled beofre the 180 day minimum and the rebate is redeemed, GC can recover full amout of rebate.

I'm not canceling the plan, only modifying, but will GC consider it canceled or will the fact that I still have a plan be alright in their eyes

So has anyone inquired about this?

I'll try calling verizon, but won't be able to call GC until tomorrow.

Update: After talking with verizon, they said that the one year contract will be extended to one year when I add the new phone. I asked twice about the getconnect rebate and they said it would still be accepted.<iframe src="" style="display:none"></iframe>