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    In Box To Go Send odd error message

    Every now and then, I am now having the problem, when trying to send an email from IBTG I get the following message.

    "Your transmitter is being charged now, You cannot perform wireless transactions at this time, To see charging end time, tap OK and then tap Detail in Diagnostics. (Net 126B)"

    If I tap ok then I get an IBTG message

    "Cannot find Diagnostics on your Palm VII"

    Then it lets me continue to receive messages. Very strange. I have called Data Viz and they are looking into it but I wondered if anyone else had this problem?

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    I haven't seen that one. BTW, did you get a message from them about this new program they're going to release soon called "Beyond Contacts?" Almost replicates the Outlook XP look on your handheld, pretty sweet. Supposed to have lots of increased contact functionality, too. Integrated seamlessly with IBTG. It's peaked my interest, let's just say that.

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