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    Stowaway XT usable with 7135?

    I just got the 7135 last week and love what I've been able to make work so far (most everything except the MP3 player, AOL, and MLS software for my real estate practice and something with the backlight screen....). I have read these posts backwards and forwards so please forgive me if this question is redundant (I *did* search a multitude of times, so if I missed it don't flame me!!). I really dislike the folding keyboard that Kyocera sells - it's too much like the one I have for my old Palm 3. I'd like to find a way to make the Stowaway (Think Outside) XT work with the Kyo 7135. Does anyone know a work-around?


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    I don't believe that it is possible. But the "Micro Innovations" IR keyboard works and is similar to the XT (I believe). Do a search if you need more info. Coocat has one and loves it. He bought his for dirt cheap on eBay.

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