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    Memory zapped? Black screen of death?

    Hello Everybody,

    Has this happen to anybody else? I have had my 7135 for about 3 weeks or so (whenever that crazy day was when everybody ordered from getconnected).

    In any event, this has happened 3 times to me. I open up my phone and nothing. Just a black screen.

    I then do a soft boot, but at this point, it is a hard boot since everything is gone. Is this the dreaded "Black Screen of Death?" If so, is there a remedy? Could it be a rogue program? The bizzare thing is, I did nothing new. I just needed to use the phone and, viola, missing power/memory. Is it just my phone? Firmware? Hardware? Software? All of the above?


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    This happens to me every so often...pretty frustrating! I think some application or data gets corrupted. If I have a good backup (using backup buddy), then I can restore from backup. On one occasion, my backup was corrupted and when I rebooted my phone, the backup was corrupted. So, I had to reload from scratch...arghhhhhhh! If you find out what is causing this let me know!

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