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    Unable to read serial port while phone is on?

    Hi all,

    We have an application that is reading data from a serial port and formatting it as a WAP URL and then posting the URL. Our problem is that while the phone is on we are not reading data from the serial port. When the phone is switched off the data from the serial port is read ok. But we then need to switch the phone on to do the transmission using WAP.

    The application is in NSBasic. I have searched hi and lo for a solution but am unable to identify the problem. It seems that there is some kind of conflict. Has anyone had a similar problem or give us some indication of what the problem is and how it maybe fixed?

    Thanks in advance and hope to hear from someone soon.

    Kind regards

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    David Miron

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    I'm not sure if I understand your problem, and I'm sure that NSBasic does not know about the 7135 (yet), but let me give you some background about the device.

    The 7135 has a connector that supports both serial and USB communications from two totally separate systems -- the phone side and the Palm side. In some cases they communicate -- like when the Palm uses the phone to get a wireless network connection. In other cases they need to be programmed to let one or the other use the port.

    Both seem to work OK on my phone...and here's how it seems to work.

    1) When a Palm application is active (on the latest firmware) it should own the connection. If you plug into a USB device or a serial device, things should be OK.

    2) When Hotsync or another Palm program that is USB aware (like the MP3 Player), is activated, it will take over the port and broadcast itself as a USB port (or do nothing if you are using a serial cable).

    3) When you launch the FaxModem app, the Palm side gives the Qualcomm chipset control of the port, and the same port acts as a totally different USB device or can use the serial port as a modem. For USB totally separate drivers are required.

    4) In initial versions of the firmware, the phone side locks up the port and prevents the Palm side from using it. As far as I can tell, this issue is resolved with the SZ 1.0.23 / MZ 1.0.36 firmware. Before that, the port would be locked by the phone side and the only solution was to start / stop a data connection or reset the phone. In some cases, a hard reset is required.

    I know I didn’t answer your question, but I hope this gives you some insights.


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    There are two modems you can access the internet with, one wireless on the phone, and the other on your computer via the serial cable.

    When you use your computer modem the serial cable is in use and can not be used at the same time by an application.

    When you use the wireless modem, then you can not use any other application or the phone (nor can you receive a phone call, it will return a busy signal). Transmitting a wireless modem signal takes power. Don't expect them to offer a radio transmitter and processor running applications at the same time any time soon.

    If possible, you could check out writing a program to change the phone from running an application to running an internet connection automatically. Thus, switching use of the serial cable from application data reading to using the serial cable for a connection to your computer modem. You could not use an application on the phone to read data, turn itself off, and then start up an internet connection. From the desktop you still have to press the hot sync button to start a sync. Are there any programs on your computer that can operate the phone functions?

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