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    Hot Syncing for the first time

    This may have been asked before, but I couldn't find it doing a search.

    I just got my phone from Verizon:hapface and want to sync it for the first time. I used to sync with my 6035 and want to transfer all my info into the 7135. I know there are special procedures for doing this. I want to keep the same user name as I had on the 6035. I use Key Contacts, Datebk5, and PocketMirror Pro as conduits. What about all the programs I had installed on my 6035? I thought I read somewhere that it would be safer if I started from scratch and re-installed all the program again. If this is true, don't I need to do a hotsync first and then got back and install the programs? Also, don't I have to install Key Contacts and Datebk5 first since those I don't use the built in applications for calendar and contacts? If someone know the the best route to take for me please let me know or direct me to the appropriate post.

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    This this thread... http://www.smartphonesource.com/vbul...0356#post60356

    It's not about a switch from a 6035 to a 7135 in particular... but the pitfalls are similar anytime you switch to a different device.

    It doesn't really matter at what point you install and sync Key Contacts. It will install it's conduits on the first sync (after installing Key Contacts to the computer), and then sync the contact data the next time. When I used Key Contacts I chose to sync both the default contacts and Key Contacts... because the 7135's dialer did not recognize Key Contacts. And lack of a jog-dial on the 7135 (and no support for the "ok" and up/down buttons for dialing) made Key Contacts impractical to use for dialing on the 7135.
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    First Sync

    I want to sync my 7135 for the first time but don't want any 3rd part programs or databases from my 6035 to be loaded. What do I delete or rename to prevent this from happening. I only want to add in my contacts and datebook info.

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    Delete it all I removed every trace of my old Plam desktop and did my first sync today-- Ran perfectly. I believe if you follow the included directions you can setup a "new" profile which should not contain your 6035 stuff, should give you the same conduits as well. I think there are also a bunch of other people here who have asked this same question so you if you want some more idea's try searching a bit
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    thats the best advice!

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