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    EN Fatal Error issue

    I was wondering if anyone else has been having this issue on their NEW Verizon 7135 phones.

    I have a Alltel 7135 that I have been using for the last 3 months and I just got my Verizon 7135 2 days ago. I loaded most of my applications and hacks from scratch onto the new phone and completed my settings. What I have noticed is that the Verizon 7135 is a little unstable when I am connected to the net. I tend to get Fatal Error freezes and the only thing I can do is Soft Rest the phone. It seems to happen about 90% of the time and it can take 30sec. or 5 min. before I get the Fatal error. I will somethimes get the error when I am changing from one Application to another while I have a live connection. I am not sure if it is when the phone goes into Dormant mode when it freezes but I have not had a lot of time testing. I also am not sure if this happens with QuickNet (QNC). My Alltel 7135 had NEVER had this issue and I don't even have all my programs loaded into the Verizon phone yet! I also noticed that the Verizon phone when I open the lid sometimes turns on the screen a little washed out (too high of contrast) so I just turn off the PDA and turn it back on and it looks just fine. I was thinking of Hard resetting my phone and starting over but I have a feeling this EN problem is not what I have loaded but the actual Verizon software since my software versions and qty. of programs are no different than what I have on my Alltel 7135 that works with NO problems!!!!

    Any suggestions or solutions would be greatly appreciated!!

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    Mine resets it self 1x a day it seems.. I also sometimes just freezes w/ an error message. I take the battery out and count to 10.

    2x recently, it has reset itself to the factory settings.. Thanks to my Hotsync I had everything resync itself.. But I have to find the codes for my games and whatnot....

    It is a complete pain in the a__ when that happends..

    I feel for you.. Don't know what to do about it.. I am hoping mine hangs on till Verizon gets up to speed and then maybe I will swap it out...


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