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    Intellisync versus chapura

    anyone out there switch to intellisync. I have found out the hard way (when trying to dial from the address book) that chapura limits the amount of phone numbers/e-mail addresses that sync to a total of six. it does allow you to prioritize them, but the limit is a problem. So the following questons:

    1. Does intellisync have this limit.
    2. Does it have any other benefits?
    3. Do you have to remove chapura first and then install
    4. any other comments/suggestions.


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    I have not personally used intellisync but some coworkers do and they always seem to have problems. The problem is not the syncing software but the address book on the palm itself is the limiting factor. I use the Chapura program called KeyContacts. It will hotsync your entire address book including all numbers and notes. I was having the same problem as you and this works. The only thing is it creates its on database that is how it can sync everyhting. This new database is not accessable by the speed dial feature or the voice dial. So what I do is hot sync both Keycontacts to get everything then I will occasionally sync the standard addressbook for the other features. I hope this helps.

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    i use yahoo's intellisync, and i swear by it. all changes on the site are sync'd to the phone, and vice versa. there are plenty of custom fields and you can change the sync values for each item that's going from yahoo to the palm. my stuff would be scattered everywhere if it wasn't for intellisync.....it also syncs your memos, messages and to do list. by far, it's the most beneficial product i have on my phone (second only to epocrates Rx that is)

    it's free, try it out. it rocks

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