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    What should you look for when picking up a 7135

    I hope this subject is thread worthy (excuse the Sienfield reference). In fact I hope it can be converted to a FAQ to provicde a checklist if things to check for for anyone that is about to pickup a new 7135. I like many others are sitting on the sidelines waiting for Vzw to release the 7135 to the stores before making the jump. Either we haven't had a chance to see the phone yet or we want wait until all the infrastrucure is in place to support the phone and its ordering process etc...
    Its come to my attention that with Verizon about to make the 7135 available through its regular stores that it would be useful to have a list of things to check for before you leave the store with your new phone and after you get a chance to power it up for the first time. I'm especially interested in hearing what the early adopters have found since they also tend to be power users. I've read posts commenting on some out the box problems ie:
    poor speaker phones,
    damaged LCD displays
    and features to get when ordering the phone
    And maybe some comment on Software and accessories, Quick Office, Cruzer, SDIO cards, (sounds like Dan's cell phones are the place for most OEM accessories)
    So finally to my question: What has everybody seen that a new 7135 owner should be aware of when he picks up the phone?
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    Check the volume on the speakerphone before leaving the store. The threads here indicate that some have fine, loud clear speakerphones while others get a whisper. I would check volume to make sure it is acceptable to your uses.


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