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    Move from Palm Vx to 7135

    So I installed the Palm desktop (v4.1) from the 7135 CD to replace the existing Palm desktop (v4.1). I elected to save my user ID. I then deleted Saved_Preferences.PRC from the backup folder (and Unsaved_Preferences.PRC -- backupbuddy thing). Then I hotsynced. Looked good... BUT, it seems that all my apps are now the unregistered trial versions -- yes, I bought all of them.

    Entering the reg codes (If I can find all of them -- Synergy Solutions, please check your records from 1999) would/will be an acceptable pain. The problem is that most of the apps seem to have dumped the years of personalization and reverted to default settings. Is there any hope?

    (Yes, I saved my backup before doing anything and I use BackupBuddy).

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    AFAIK most if not all regcodes are stored in saved prefs. I'm not sure if there's an easy way to transfer them to your new prefs file. There are tools to edit records in pdb/prc files, but I'm not sure if you have experience and are willing to do that...

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