After several unsuccessful attempts to download and read a few simple powerpoint slides, I found out from Office Premier that it is not possible to download and read powerpoint attachments immediately on your Palm. They say the Palm is so far not powerful enough to read the file in native form.Apparently, you need to convert the file on your desktop using some sort of add-in, which I can't find, and then synch.

This is disappointing. I was hoping to be able to just view a document, when, for example, I'm at the airport on a conference call and just need to follow along with the content, if it isn't as pretty as normal powerpoint. This is also surprising, since opening the attachment gives you the option of opening it in Quick Point. I'm confused.

I looked into Documents to Go, but they indicate the powerpoint is for Windows only. Does that mean Windows compatible PDAs or the Windows version of Powerpoint (as opposed to Macintosh)?

Any suggestions if all I want to do is simply look at the powerpoint and not even save or edit it on the fly? By the way, the word and excel attachments work pretty well.<iframe src="" style="display:none"></iframe>