Today I was talking on the phone and I knew my battery was going to give out soon. So while still talking, I plugged in the cig adapter. No problems---no dropped call, no jumbled conversation-- didn't miss a beat during my call-- and I talked for another 10-15 minutes.

However, when I ended my call (as I was pushing the off button) I noticed the Welcome/start-up screen already running. No big deal I thought, I must have hit the icon by accident during my call. WRONG. After moving thought the digitizer dialogs-- I found the phone was wiped clean: no data, apps--no anything-- factory fresh-- a hard reset.

My first 7135 crashed and burned after 1 day--- So on the replacement I held back on loading anything but apps that came with the phone. Unlike the 1st phone, I've had no soft, hard, or spontaneous resets. Smoth sailing for 3 days.

How can it spontaneously hard reset without dropping the call?!? Very weird! :wary:<iframe src="" style="display:none"></iframe>