There are a number of people on eBay that sell portable battery chargers for PDA's. These typically hold 4 AA batteries and will recharge a PDA several times on a set of AA batteries. I used one of these on my Ipaq and liked it very much. I would like one for my 7135. They don't seem to make one for the 7135 so I have some questions.

The 7135 AC adapter outputs 4.5 VDC 1.5A. The Ipaq and Toshiba AC adapters output 5.0 VDC 2.0A. So my specific questions are:

1) Do the Ipaq, Toshiba, or other PDA use the same skinny plug as the 7135?
2) If I plug a charger that output 0.5 VDC more than the standard 7135 charger is this likely to cause any problems?
3) Where can I buy a plug like that used on the 7135?
4) Assuming I use 4 AA batteries in Series, what size Resistor would I use to lower the output voltage to 4.5VDC?
5) What device would I use on the batter output to force the current to flow in only one direction?

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