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    Changing LCD fonts

    Playing around with fonthack this week and found an interesting little bug. It will actually change the font of the LCD as well. The only problem is I am not really sure how it is picking which font to use. On the one hand I would be OK with it if I could select the one I wanted to use, but on the other, the default one is probably the best for the LCD (visibility wise).

    Does anyone have any idea where the 7135 looks for its LCD fonts? Appreciate any feedback, in the meantime I'll just keep messing with it and post the answer if I figure it out on my own.

    Thanks for any help.

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    Ok. I think I figured it out but I have no idea why it works. Bring over any font onto the phone and do a soft reset and it becomes the LCD font taking precedence over the one in ROM. If you want custom fonts without screwing up the LCD you have to first make a copy of the font file in ROM (its called Utah Bold for Kyocera). Once created, copy over the rest of the font files from either syncing or from your SD card. Now you can use Fonthack to customize your fonts.

    While customizing the fonts may seem trivial, it is kind of neat to be able to change how your phone screen looks as well as using a small enough of a font so you don't have to scroll on the phone menu.


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    If any of you want some cool graffiti fonts.... Just email me and I'll get them to you.

    There is one named Brooklyn that may look pretty good.

    They are TTF

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    What fonts do you use?


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    Originally posted by AJaM
    What fonts do you use?

    I don't have a 7135 yet to try them on.... Tuesday.

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    What do you do after you have made a copy of the original Kyocera LCD font? Where do you store it? Do you just restore it? I can't get mine to change back.


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    I inadvertently changed the LCD font when I loaded the fonts that used to be distributed with the Palm Reader. It came with Font Bucket as well.

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    I too need to restore my LCD font. help please!!

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    LCD font restored by flash

    My LCD was changed when i tried fonthack, which did not work well in my phone.

    I ended up with a dinky lcd font. Fortunately, it was restored when i got my phone flashed (not fried). That was about 2 weeks ago.

    If someone starts a thread on fonthcak and fonts that look good, let me know.
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    LCD Font Fix - Definitive minimum procedure

    For FontHack users who have the problem of an undesirable font in their LCD (the time / caller ID display on the top of the unit), here is the definitive minimal fix. It looks long, but it's EASY! Also, if you get interrupted, it's always ok to start again from step 1.

    (I realize this has been described previously in this thread, but it was described somewhat informally. This post is intended to be much more formal.)

    STEP 1: Make sure you have backups of all your font PDB files,
    including the Utah Bold For Kyocera 14.PDB that came in your unit's
    ROM. For simplicity's sake, I've included Utah as an attachment
    to this post.

    STEP 2: In X-Master or equivalent, deactivate FontHack.

    STEP 3: Run FileZ.

    STEP 4: If you have an SD card installed, make sure you
    have "PalmCard" selected in the upper right-hand corner, then tap
    the "View and Edit Files" button. If no SD card is installed,
    or you're alreay in the view-and-edit-files mode for the PalmCard
    (a/k/a main memory), just skip this step.

    STEP 5: In the right-hand column header, tap the right-arrow and
    select the "Type" attribute. Then tap the "Type" column heading
    to sort by Type. Scroll down to the entries whose Type
    is "Font". DELETE ALL NON-ROM FONTS. (Don't worry, even if
    you select the Utah font that sits in ROM, it can't be deleted.)

    STEP 6: Soft-reset the Palm.

    STEP 7: Load the Utah Bold For Kyocera 14 font into the Palm's main
    memory (a/k/a PalmCard). You can accomplish this step using whatever
    means you like. You can install the Utah font via HotSync or you
    can simply copy the Utah font from an SD card.

    STEP 8: Load any other fonts into the Palm's main memory. Again, you
    may use the method of your choice to accomplish this.

    >> NOTE that steps 7 and 8 must be performed separately in the order
    indicated. If you combine these steps, the procedure may not work
    and you'll still have the undesirable LCD font problem.

    STEP 9: (This step is necessary because when you deleted the non-ROM
    fonts, FontHack put "none" in their place. If you skip this step,
    your Palm will crash once FontHack is activated and you switch to
    a program that tries to use "none" as a font.)
    In X-Master or equivalent, WITHOUT ACTIVATING FONTHACK, go
    into the FontHack configuration screen. Change the inappropriate
    "none" settings back to your 3rd-party fonts as desired. Remember
    to tap the "Savexit" button when finished, and Acknowledge the
    warning dialogs.

    STEP 10: In X-Master or equivalent, re-activate FontHack.

    STEP 11: (This step prevents Utah from being restored after a hard
    reset, which causes the restore operation to abort prematurely.)
    Go back into Filez. Select the non-ROM Utah Bold For Kyocera.
    Tap the Details button. Tap the Attributes tab. Uncheck the
    Backup checkbox. Tap Save.

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