The May 6 issue of PC Magazine, currently readable online, has a very favorable review of the 7135.

"From the minute you pick up a Kyocera 7135 ($499 list), you know it's a classy and well-designed PDA/phone combination. It is relatively compact, has a terrific speakerphone with a single-touch power button, offers good integration with the Palm OS address book, and includes an easy-to-use keypad. The 7135 runs Palm OS 4.1, which is loaded with applications to support the built-in MP3 player as well as Internet browsing, e-mail, image editing, and Palm.Net Web clipping.

The 7135 has the best audio and video features of the Palm OS-based PDA/phones we reviewed, and it's the only one that supports audio playback and offers a voice recorder.

Compared with the Handspring Treo 270 and 300, the 7135 feels substantially sturdier, and it's slightly smaller - less bulky to hold up to your ear. The phone keys are easier to use, and the PDA navigation keys are closer to the color display. The 7135 also has a small LCD on the top panel that shows the battery level, time, and signal strength while you're carrying the device in the belt clip.

The Kyocera 7135 is a more capable PDA and easier-to-use phone than the Handspring units, and it's the most elegant combo device here. No wonder it earns our Editors' Choice for connected mobile pros."

Here's a link to the list of PDA/phones they reviewed:,4149,1016245,00.asp<iframe src="" style="display:none"></iframe>