Thx Red and others who helped me out on this one downloading pics to 7135.

I think I found what I was doing wrong. It's me not the photo suite program. Although downloading Acidimage turned my welcome phone screen almost blank until I took it back off. It may cause a conflict when photo suite is installed at the same time.
The solution was that Resizing down to a smaller size doesn't make a difference as the photo suite sizes down for you anyway. Saving in BMP format only slightly better than JPG.
It appears my problem was after I clicked "done" once you have moved photos to right side to download to palm, you then choose 65,500 for best color and then choose the size, small, medium or large. What was happening was I thought you do it once for the whole group -- wrong! you need to do it for each pic, before you upload so when I uploaded . . only one pic of the lot was 65,500 colors all the the rest were 256 or less which is the default and rather bland on the screen for colors and resolution.
So each pics settings need to be chosen before you upload to palm. Unless there is a select all short cut I don't know about in Photo suite.

Hint: It appears that if you "always" save in the medium size (it takes up more room on card) but when you view the pics you have the option to tap the pic and it zooms in for even better pic color and resolution.
Thx for all of your help.

The 7135 really does a nice job resolution and color wise for digital pics/albums. :angel2<iframe src="" style="display:none"></iframe>