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    Not recognizing USB

    Everything was working great - did USB HotSynchs and used 7135 as modem using True USB cable. After using True USB cable, and plugging cradle back in via USB port, laptop will not recognize USB -- either via cradle or via True USB port. HotSynch won't work -- get "connection could not be established" message. And, Device Manager on laptop does not show anything plugged into USB port. When I plugged in Cruzer to test USB port, it showed up. Finally, I set it up for serial HotSynch and it worked.
    Any suggestions for getting USB to recognize.-- are there settings I should check that may have gotten messed up by using as modem
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    make sure the local serial is checked in your setup in the HSM...

    also did you do a warm reset on the 7135?

    did you try to start the hotsync via the phones icon?

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