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    Scrolling in the PAB With HW Scroll Keys

    I know I am probably just missing something here but I can't determine how to use the HW scroll toggle button to scroll up/down in the Address Book a page at a time. If I depress it quickly, it moves one record at a time. If I hold it down a little longer it scrolls one record and then a whole page. The problem is that I can't get it to just scroll one page. If I hold it long enough to engage the "page scroll" it jumps two pages not one.

    I have looked everywhere for a setting or preference for this but have found nothing. Any ideas?

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    Regards, Steve

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    I posted a thread on this myself a few days ago. Unfortunately, there is no work around.

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    use ShSh's TAKEphONE software
    or some other address book replacement

    i used to like the palm address book when I used my palm III, but it seems a bit outdated and under-functioned nowadays, especially in conjunction with a phone

    my biggest gripe is not being able to search by First Name, a feature which the beta of TAKEphONE has (not trying to be an advertisement for ShSh, but that's the only one I've tried so far - there's a whole thread for this over here
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