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    Configuration of headset jack connection?

    This may be an answer that HotSync or CoolCat may be able to answer, but if anyone else knows, please post...

    What is the configuration of the rings on the headset jack? On the Kyo stereo headset, the 2.5mm jack has 3 rings that make up the left, right, mic, and answer button. What is the configuration from tip to base of the rings (like 1st ring is left speaker, 2nd ring is mic/answer button, 3rd ring is for the right speaker). I'd like to know the configuration because I want to hack a headset that I like that is over-the-ear and has the answer button (the Plantronics M135 for Nokia 33xx/81xx) to work with the 7135.

    Thanks for any help...

    P.S. A photo diagram would be great!

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    Yes, if someone could help on this...

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    There is actually 4 contacts seperated by 3 isolating rings.

    1) Left
    2) Right
    3) Mic
    4) Ground

    THe Button actually shorts the mic wire, which the handset interputs as a button press and manages it accordingly.

    I built an adaptor many ages ago, but can't find it now. I would have to hack up another headset to test the wires, so for now I can't comment on which is which since I can't remember.

    Coll cat probably has it documentated, but not sure if he would share the info since that would cut into his headset adaptor making side business

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    I have never been a part of something like this so I'm not familiar with the process and I don't get my phone in the mail until tomorrow. Sorry for my ignorance, I guess.

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