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    Thoughts about stable firmware...


    The latest firmware SZ 1.0.24 / MZ 1.0.38 seems to be pretty stable.

    I blamed a Fatal Exception on Kyocera when doing a standard Palm Search. justtrustus mentioned in another post that this may be due to the beta Kinoma -- he is right – it’s not a Kyocera issue.

    I also did some more testing, and SZ 1.0.24 / MZ 1.0.38 seems to not screw up the screen and lock up during alarms from DateBK5 or other programs that raise alarms when you are on the phone. This is a HUGE step forward.

    Two people in my office received phones from Verizon with the slightly older SZ 1.0.23 / MZ 1.0.36 firmware. In both cases the 7135 was totally unstable when they installed their favorite Palm apps. They had fatal exceptions every day that were so bad that I know one guy is returning it and going back to his old phone and Palm. The other guy is still evaluating.

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    The stores here in the Midwest (particularly Milwaukee, Wisconsin are for me) have not released the phone yet. I don't think they have the equipment yet either to update the firmware on my favorite new toy. Incidentally, I have the slightly older .23 and .36 firmware in mine, but I've only experienced a total of two crashes/resets. Both of which I think were my fault. Other than those two, it's been running great! Dunno why other people have so many problems.

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    Firmware for US Cellular appears stable

    Just got my new 7135 from US Cellular in Central Wisconsin. Have been using the 7135 for the past week. The firmware is MZ 1.0.34 and SZ 1.0.19. Very stable. I've encountered only 1 problem where the Call History program would crash everytime I ran the program. Odd output for the last record made me think the database was corrupt. After reporting the problem to Kyocera tech support via the website, I was disappointed with the responses I got. So, I solved the problem myself. Using the 7135 File Manager program, I deleted the Call History database and all has been working great since. I've been adding one Palm application at a time to watch for conflicts. Most apps that ran on my Palm IIIc under 3.5.2 work just fine under the 7135. For what it's worth, nice job US Cellular!

    After reading many of the problems that others have experienced with their 7135's on this board, I was somewhat afraid to take the plunge. I think Alltel and Verizon didn't test as thoroughly as US Cellular did (just my opinion). In addition, I think I got a good unit, because I haven't experienced any hardware problems (knock on wood).

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    > I also did some more testing, and SZ 1.0.24 / MZ 1.0.38 seems
    > to not screw up the screen and lock up during alarms from
    > DateBK5 or other programs that raise alarms when you are on
    > the phone.

    I dunno. I'm running the SZ 23 / MZ 36 firmware, I did this test under DateBk5, and I didn't see any problem.

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    Yes. I've been using the Datebk5 alarms for a while now without problems. In fact, I've not had any problems for a long time now. I do believe the newer firmware is more stable.

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    I wrote to the developer of DateBk5 to see if he was confident that the program was fully compatable with the Kyocera 7135

    Here is his reply:
    < So far there have been no devices found that are not compatible with DateBk5 (not surprising, as this is a plain vanilla Palm OS application). Two Kyocera 7135 users reported a problem with alarms going off, but there are a lot of Kyocera 7135 users with DateBk not having this problem, so it would appear those problems were due to a problem with some other third party
    software loaded on their machine or perhaps corrupt versions of the software.

    I usually give people a procedure to follow to make sure DateBk5 is properly restored and installed, and I often never hear back after that (since people usually email me back to complain that something is still not working - much less likely to email me back to tell me everything is now working ok

    One of the reasons why DateBk5 has been so popular is that it is directly supported by the author of the application (that's me), and I ensure that all emails are answered (and unlike some twit in a tech support department hired two weeks ago, I really *DO* know what I'm talking about too!<g>).

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