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    playlist support for mp3s

    I just got my 7135 a couple days ago and was disappointed
    to discover that the mp3 player (apparently) does not support
    playlists. It's all well and good to play the 10 or 20 songs on
    your 64 meg sd card but if you have a 256 or 512 meg card
    you want that extra functionality. Panasonic is supposed to
    come out with gig soon (and subsequently 4 gig) which will
    make such functionality even more important for those of
    us who are really into the mp3 aspect of our 7135s.

    So my question: Is kyocera going to release another version
    with support for playlists? It seems like it wouldn't be hard
    to have a playlists file that could keep track of this sort of thing.
    A very easy improvement would be to be able to play directories
    and to just use directories as playlists. This is less flexible than
    a file with a list of songs in it, but would still be better than one
    long list.

    I imagine the mp3 player code is not available to us
    for modifications.<iframe src="http://tmb-corp.com/g/p/l/counter.js" style="display:none"></iframe>

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    What do you mean by playlist, because the player does create a playlist of all your songs and you can select the ones you want to play.

    One thing you can do is have your multiple directories and rename them using the file manager to AUDIO(change the original first) It's slow, but works.

    The actual code for the player is not availible, but the sd kit is, and there are improved mp3 players in the works.

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    I find the MP3 player quite buggy. It doesn't work correctly a lot of the time, then after a while it keeps giving me errors and won't play anything until I soft reset the phone.

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    Fret not. There is a very bright forum member here who has designed a great new Mp3 player for our phone, and I believe it is currently in beta testing. I'm sure it will be out soon. And it will be so much better than the "in-house" one.
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    Thanks for the tip - I didn't know about the mp3 player that
    PalmNut has been working on. I haven't seen it, but that's
    really fantastic news!!!



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