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    Call Ending Tone on 7135?

    I have a question: Is there a way to have the 7135 play a tone at the end of a phone call?

    Sometimes I think the call has ended and it hasn't until I hang up. I think this is because some callers have three way calling and if they answer another call, then the call is still active. Once they hang up, then they connect back to my phone. If it could play a tone at the end of the call, I would know when the call is over or at least it would be an indicator to hang up the call. I wouldn't have to open the phone at all until I had to. This would be especially helpful while driving. And I know I could just look at the LCD display to tell but it sometimes it's hard to do while driving.

    I guess I need to invest in the headphones that have and answer button on them, then I would know for sure.

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    The button is the answer. You just hit it at the end of the call, then you know for sure that you've hung up.

    This actually just happened to me a few days ago. I was talking to my Mom and was surprised to be talking to her again a few minutes later! Even though I have the button I usually just let the call terminate itself. I guess I should start hitting the button!


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    Sorry, but I no longer make 7135 headset adapters.

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