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Thread: I Did It Fellas

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    I Did It Fellas

    Wassup everyone,
    I got my 7135 in the mail today, after droppin four and a half benjimans on it. anyway i played around with it a little, and i got 2 things to ask.

    1. Has anyone noticed that on vibrate, its not that strong like the 6035.

    2. on my 6035, if i held down the speaker lookin button in the bottom left hand corner when the flip was closed for like 2 seconds, the phone would automatically go to vibrate. is there any shortcut to do that with the 7135?

    if i think of anythin else ill peep yall

    if anyone knows, do tell

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    On the 7135 you hold down the side volume down button to silence the ringer and put it in vibrate mode. Hold down the volume up button to unsilence it.

    The vibrate seems about the same as it did on my 6035. Hard to feel through the leather holster and belt clip.

    Congrats on your new purchase. Wouldn't want to be without mine.
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    The vibe seems weaker on my 7135 vs my 6035. I keep the 7135 in my front pants pocket, and sometimes I hardly feel the vibe if I'm wearing loose-fitting jeans. They're not as loose as regular khakis. We'll see how it does in the holster when I get it.

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    anyone notice that the volumne keys are very stiff on this unit?


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