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    New Kyocera User Issues

    OK, in spite of the fact I have no money, I decided not to wait any longer for the next best thing and swap my 6035 for a 7135. I write Palm software, so dealilng with the 3.53 OS on the 6035 was causing me some issues.

    Here is my experience, along with some questions for the group.

    It took hours and hours (if not days) and multiple visits to multiple stores, and multiple conversations with customer service, to finally get the $100 instant rebate and the $100 trade-in mail-in rebate (with $45 wireless synch paln) together.

    The first problem was that although I've read through these boards for months, I never saw the thread on SD card insertion, within 15 minutes of leaving the store I had a SD stuck in the slot. Thankfully I was able to get it out when I got home.

    Now the issues..........

    Number 1: I am noticing a somewhat annoying pre-click and post-click whever the phone makes a beep or beep-like sound such as when you are clicking on buttons. It also sounds as if a noise is being made as the audio portion of the phone is turned on, and then makes a similar noise after the sound is played through the speaker and the audio circuit is shut down. Does anyone experience this, or do I have a bad phone? Rather than just beep.....it's more like warbled click - beep - reverse warbled click. It's also somewhat similar to the kind of noise one might here from a bad push to talk walkie talkie as the switch in pressed in and then released. I'm curious if anyone holds their ear near the phone while they cause a beep to happen.......if the beep is clear and by itself, or this pre-click and post-click sound is present?

    Issue 2: I can copy stuff onto my SD card via my OS X Powerbook, and then use them in the Palm, but if I take that card out and put it back into the Mac, everything gets garbled and the Mac and the Palm can no longer read anything. I have to keep a master folder on my Mac and everytime I want to add a file, I add it to the master folder, reformat the card on the Palm and then recopy everything onto the fresh card

    Issue 3: I've noticed that if I go into any of the prefs that allow selection of the various built-in alternate sounds for ringing and flip-opening and closing, that many of the sounds will not play at all when selected, some do, but some don't and if I mess with it too long, the phone will lock up or give me a fatal exception reset error.

    It appears I have the latest firmware, so either this is the way the phone is, or I have a bad one.

    I'm curious if anyone else notices any of these issues

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    it sounds like you unfortunatly got a lemon. since its still relatively new take it back and get new. it won't hurt, see if you have the same problems with the new one. i did the same thing with my sd card. stuck it in upside down and got it stuck luckily i got it out

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    Yes, sounds like a lemon to me too. I had one of the original "Get Connected" 7135's and just got a brand new replacement phone with latest firmware a couple of weeks ago. I have had no problems like you describe with either phone (Although I have a PC), and I am constantly editting what is on my SD card with my PC via a USB universal digital media card reader. I have changed ringers quite a bit with both phones as well and have never seen the peculiarities that you are seeing. I would take it in and get a new one.

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    Yea, sounds like a hardware issue. Bring it back ASAP.
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