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    Best E-Mail program to use with QuickOffice 7.0

    Which is the better program SnapperMail or Corsoft Aileron? I need to open excel,word, and pdf attchments while traveling. I have the demos of both, but I am looking for opinons.

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    Snappermail for me.

    I tried several and I've stuck with Snapper. They also have a yahoo group if you have any questions that you need answered.
    I love the program. I send pictures out with it and send docs to it.

    I use Q Office also. But I'm disappointed that it can't save as native file format.

    You say you want to open pdf on the road. What program are you using to do that? I thought adobe for palm requires conversion through desktop first? Please let me know how you're opening them. It would help me also. Now if i could only find a way to print pdf without using printme.....

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