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    Project management, To Do, Bonsai

    I'm looking for project managment software or a tiered ToDo list software. Bonsai looks like it might work.

    What I'd really like is software that has most the features of the ToDo or task functions in the Old ECCO Professional program. It has to work on both my 7135 and have a desktop version for better data entry and printing.

    Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated.


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    Try Progect

    I just posted this same link on the 6035 board

    Anyway, check out Progect -- it's a freeware solution that's got a fair amount of power. They're also developing a desktop component with a conduit (available for Windows and Linux so far, but not yet for Mac) http://www.alawa.ch/?show=16&language=en

    The documentation's a bit sparse, but there is a yahoo discussion group.

    It allows a number of different kinds of tasks, hierarchical project organization, synchronization with the built-in To-Do app, and more.

    And if you hack code, it's GPLed, so you can add features as you like.
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    Re: Project management, To Do, Bonsai

    Originally posted by David
    ...Bonsai looks like it might work...
    I love Bonsai, but I only use it as an outliner list. I used to use List Maker, but was not happy with the desktop application.

    I tried using it for project management, but the palm screen is just not big enough to see all the info when I want to see the "big picture".

    Bonsai's desktop application is great, too. And there's even a link from the Palm desktop!

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    I'am currently utsing Bonzai and Idea Pad. Two very good programs...

    The only lack I seee with Idea Pad is that you write name on joint lines

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    Another one to try is ShadowPlan from CodeJedi. (www.codejedi.com).

    I use it primarily as a heirarchical information manager but it is able to handle a lot of project planning work.

    It has a good desktop client and an excellent developer that provides new versions for free. Alphas or betas of the desktop, handheld, or conduits seem to come out about once a week but even these have been more stable than a lot of other released software.

    I've been on the beta testing listserv for ShadowPlan for over a year now and have been very impressed with both how powerful the software is and how the developer takes it personally to fix the smallest of idiosyncratic operation much less a bug.

    Reminds me of CESD and Datebk5's development in many ways.

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